Kyoho Engineering Co., Ltd.

Solutions Consulting

We consider how to make the best rice to suit the end products.

Each and every one is fully made to order. The automated rice cooking systems we offer are certainly not inexpensive, if you only consider the initial cost. However, what about five years, or ten years, or even longer down the road? Think of them as investments. The important thing is cost effectiveness, which covers quality, stability of supply, running costs, and revenue. We design our equipment to be tasty not only in terms of rice, but for business as well. These are the strengths of Kyoho.

We solve these problems

Kyoho’s strengths lie in our ability to provide original automated rice cooking systems to suit our customers’ needs in all situations; the types of products produced, detailed distribution routes, sales outlets, etc. We try to understand all details, too: from scale of the factories to the brand of rice, even the water that's been used can be a consideration. The time between order and delivery is about six months, as we need time to carefully design the system, manufacture parts, trial operate, and cook test batches.

Strength 1 No. 1 share in the industry

We are the industry's top specialist manufacturer of automated rice cooking systems. More than half the companies in Japan using automated rice cooking systems, including major convenience chain stores, use Kyoho systems. This track record is another proof of our quality.

Strength 2 Broad-based flexibility

A wide variety of rice cooking needs can be provided for, whether that be the brand, product, or distribution and sales temperature ranges. Fine-tuning is also possible for rice washing, soaking, water volumes, heat, stirring, seasoning, cooling, and other processes.

Strength 3 Cost effectiveness

Thanks to the thermal efficiency of our single-bowl rice cookers, improvements in yield due to high heat output, and the related reductions in raw ingredients costs and personnel costs, users can expect improved profits and lower running costs.