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Features and Strengths

Kyoho Engineering Features and Strengths
The automated continuous rice cooking system is designed to constantly provide delicious rice any time, no matter who cooks it.

For delicious rice

it's important to eliminate variations in rice, water, and fire

Kyoho Engineering Features and Strengths

POINTTo supply rice stably

We work to manage rice, water and heat, which are three keys to delicious rice. To cook rice in bulk requires managing both volume and heat carefully. This means it can produce consistent delicious rice at any pace.

Kyoho Engineering Features and Strengths

The amount of rice, the amount of water, the amount of seasonings and vinegar, are all weighed. Everything that goes in the cookers is weighed and measured.
Heat is applied evenly with metal knit burners spaced evenly around, allowing the gas flow to be adjusted constantly for stability, while steam temperature sensors detect when the water is boiling, assuring optimum cooking.

POINTDifferent ways of cooking rice are needed to suit diverse needs

Even within the same rice, the brand, product classification, temperature ranges where it will be distributed and sold, the definitions of “delicious” and desired elements will differ. So we have broken down each process--washing, stirring, steaming, and loosening--into units defined in seconds, allowing for a wide range of cooking styles.

Kyoho Engineering
Kyoho Engineering Features and Strengths

As more than fifty different data points, including the rice, water, and seasoning amounts, the gas volume, and the cooked weight, are stored for each cooker, delicious rice perfect for each usage can be cooked every single time.

POINTStable high heat produces fluffy for delicious rice

A carefully considered single bowl rice cooker to create fluffy, delicious rice. Using steam heat sensors and evenly-spaced metal knit burners to increase thermal efficiency helps bring out the great taste of the rice. It also allows for even better yields.

Kyoho Engineering Features and Strengths

Advanced cutting-edge technology improves yields by5%

POINTCost management leads to increased productivity

Thanks to the reduced gas usage due to the thermal efficiency of our single-bowl rice cookers, improvements in yield due to high heat output, and the related reductions in raw ingredients costs and personnel costs, users can expect improved profits and lower running costs.

Kyoho Engineering Features and Strengths

60%CUTin amount of gas used compared to older types

Using blast-style combustion (metal knit burners) and insulated cookers improves thermal efficiency and greatly reduces the amount of gas used.

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