Kyoho Engineering Co., Ltd.

President's Message

Creating the world’s “staple” food.

As times change, so do people's needs. As needs change, so do what is provided. The only thing that hasn't changed with us since our founding is our flexibility to change. “I want to eat tasty rice.” For Japanese, who eat rice as a staple, that's an obvious request. We have responded to that wish by providing amounts and qualities that go beyond expectations, suiting each era.

If it's tasty, it's good. But that goodness is hard to achieve realistically.
The post-war “economic miracle.” Changing food policies created a major new starting point in terms of needs by business that supplied food. The need back then was for machines that could cook large amounts of rice to provide hungry children with delicious and nutritious meals. However, things are changed today. We have diverse lifestyles. We all have different tastes, too. How can we get rice into that narrow “strike zone” of what consumers consider tasty? As a business with no answers, we are required to carry out engineering to maximize the common factors.
The differences between each grain of rice are also the differences between food around the world.
To make a point, rice is actually no longer the staple in Japan. Different cuisines have developed with more choices like bread and noodles. The average annual per capita consumption of rice has dropped from its peak of 100 kg to 50 kg, a 50% decline. When we realized things were changing, we decided to look at things in a larger scale and expand our vision. In worldwide, rice is being consumed in amounts incomparably greater than in Japan. Furthermore, these places don't have the infrastructure for preparing tasty rice in large quantities. Variations in quality are inevitable.
We follow the trends of society, and of the world.
We are the only specialized manufacturer of automated rice cooking systems in Japan. That has allowed us to have Japan's leading market share in terms of total production volume. However, we cannot rest on our laurels. Changing times demand new responses. We shall continue to be a leading company within the industry that becomes aware of these changes before anyone else. As a company in a country where the daily meals are literally called “rice”. I hope to continue to develop our Vision around the world.

President and CEO 倉垣博和