Kyoho Engineering Co., Ltd.

Understanding KYOHO Through Key Words


01 The secret to convenience store rice balls Kyoho Engineering The secret to convenience store rice balls

We provide equipment for major foodstuffs manufacturers around the country. Almost all the rice balls and boxed meals sold at convenience stores are made with rice cooked in our machines.


02 100% focus on cooking rice Kyoho Engineering 100% focus on cooking rice

We are a manufacturer specialized in the production of industrial-use automated rice cookers. As a company, we have continued to tackle the challenges in being a pioneer in this industry.


03 Highest market share in Japan Kyoho Engineering Highest market share in Japan

With almost 50% of the market for large-scale industrial-use rice cookers in Japan, we boast the higher market share in nationwide.


04 Rice sommeliers Kyoho Engineering Rice sommeliers

We have numerous certified “rice sommeliers” with a wide range of knowledge on cooking rice. We can cater for a range of needs thanks to our expertise with cooking rice.


05 Contributing to local development Kyoho Engineering Contributing to local development

As a company that plays a central role in the regional economy, we have been awarded an Oscar by Kyoto City, and certified as a Driving Company for the Regional Future by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.