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Our Passion for The Perfect Rice

In Japan, the word “meal” literally means “rice”.
Rice is our most consumed food and is an essential to our everyday lives.

We understand that taste is a subjective sense. Although there are professionals who have set the standards of what 'delicious rice' is like in Japan, we believe everyone has their own idea of what that might look like; whether it’s the color, sheen, scent, sweetness, stickiness, texture, or an overall subjective taste. That's where our proven standard of 'delicious rice' comes in. We sell the most consumed rice by people's choice. Our volume proves the popularity in the market, which is a simple proof that we only offer ' delicious rice'.

Kyoho Engineering Eliminating variation
Eliminating variation
We work to manage rice, water and heat, which are three keys to delicious rice. To cook rice in bulk requires managing both volume and heat carefully. The amount of rice, water, seasonings and vinegar is weighed and measured precisely. Heat is applied evenly with metal knit burners spaced evenly around, allowing the gas flow to be adjusted constantly for stability, while steam temperature sensors detect when the water is boiling, assuring optimum cooking. This means it can produce consistent delicious rice at any pace.
Kyoho Engineering Divided by needs
Divided by needs
Even within the same rice, the brand, product classification, temperature ranges where it will be distributed and sold, the definitions of “delicious” and desired elements will differ. So we have broken down each process--washing, stirring, steaming, and loosening--into units defined in seconds, allowing for a wide range of cooking styles. As more than fifty different data points, including the rice, water, and seasoning amounts, the gas volume, and the cooked weight, are stored for each cooker, delicious rice perfect for each usage can be cooked every single time.
Kyoho Engineering Our “rice sommeliers”
Our “rice sommeliers”
The staple food of the Japanese is rice. However, rice has surprising depths, and there are many aspects of it which have not yet been explained by science. Even though we can measure each ingredient, we’re not yet able to certify flavor. So we need to rely on the human palate. At Kyoho, we have numerous “rice sommeliers” with specialist qualifications equivalent to a wine sommelier. With a wealth of experience and knowledge, our sommeliers can guide you to that perfect rice that meets all your needs.