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Handling of Personal Information

KYOHO ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. (hereafter, “we”) ensure that personal information received from our customers or site users (“you”) is stored and managed properly in accordance with the following Privacy Policy.

1. Collection and use of information
We are the sole and exclusive users of the personal information collected on this site.
We will not sell, share, or lease this information to any third party using methods contrary to those disclosed in our Privacy Statement.
We will collect personal information from users on this site.
In addition, we will make it clear why this personal information is being collected and use it only within the limitations agreed upon with the persons whose information we collect.
2. Inquiries form
We accept inquiries from site users through our Inquiries Form.
On receiving an inquiry, we will collect the personal information required for our responses to you and for contacting you (names, e-mail addresses, etc.).
All messages from users are read and responded to as soon as possible.
This information is only used to directly respond to questions or inquiries from users.
This information is never used for any other purposes.
3. Sharing information
In principle, we do not provide or share personal information collected on this site with any third party.
4. Cookies
Our site includes pages which use cookies to show pages that have been customized. This makes it more convenient for our customers, and for collecting access logs.
You can set your own browser to notify you when cookies are sent and also select whether or not to accept cookies.
Even if you do not accept cookies, there will be absolutely no negative repercussions for you.
The information collected via cookies is not linked to personal information.
5. Disclosure (confirmation), changes, or deletion of personal information
We respect your rights to your own information and will respond promptly to any requests from you for the disclosure (checking), change, or deletion of personal information, or refusal to use or provide personal information.
Please contact us with any inquiries related to the above. Please also note that we may need to confirm your identity before we can carry out these procedures.
6. Legal disclaimer
We may disclose personal information when directed to do so by law to national or local governments, courts, or international legal executive organizations.
7. Revisions to the Privacy Policy
In the event of any revisions to the laws, regulations, scope, or clauses related to the protection of your personal information, we shall promptly revise the contents of our Privacy Policy to comply.
Notification that we have revised our Privacy Policy will be posted on this site.
Users can read and check this website at any time to learn the details of our latest Privacy Policy.
8. Links
This website includes links to external sites.
The privacy policies of these external sites are in no way our concern. When leaving our website, we recommend that you read the information on the destination website related to the collection of personal information and privacy. The information regarding the handling of privacy shown here only applies to this website.
9. Office for inquiries, consultations, or complaints regarding personal information
Please contact us at the address below for any inquiries related to this website’s handling of personal information.


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