Kyoho Engineering Co., Ltd.

Vision (Principles)

Kyoho Engineering Vision (Principles) At Kyoho Engineering, we strive to establish a trusted team by valuing tradition and fostering passionate professionals.

We devote our full efforts in creating systems full of customer’s dreams, while focusing on developing strong local communities.


Our goal is to become a trusted and reliable company by all, hence our motto can be described in three keywords: “Passion, People, and Industry”

Kyoho Engineering Vision (Principles)
We are passionate about protecting
and passing our tradition
Japanese traditions have come a long way
– we feel them in our hearts
and are excited to pass them
onto our future.
Kyoho Engineering Vision (Principles)
We care about
our customers
Our interaction with every single
customer is important to us.
We aim to offer them a speedy yet precise
and sincere response each time.
Kyoho Engineering Vision (Principles)
We challenge ourselves
to get creative to develop and tackle
the latest technologies
Our R&D team are devoted to work on improving as well as refining our products to fulfill today’s customers’ needs.
This also contributes to developing our ties
to strong local communities.