Kyoho Engineering Co., Ltd.

Research & Development

Kyoho Engineering Research & Development What we create is a service for salable products.

Rice. Water. Heat. When these three are in perfect balance, we have perfect rice. However, rice varies by brand and where it’s grown, so the bulk creation of products that sell well, with stable quality, is extremely tricky. This is why we have calculated backwards from the final stage, with the products lined up for sale, providing engineering that matches sales strategies. Our strengths are in our long years of experience that cannot be found anywhere else, based on how we listen to what our customers want, rather than debating this in purely hypothetical terms.

Kyoho Engineering Research & Development
Everyone here, from sales staff to engineers, is a researcher who knows what goes on in the field
We do not have our own factory: instead, we're what’s known as a fabless manufacturer. Through links with more than forty other companies in various fields, we can respond to any need, without being bound by our own products. That means that our staff, whatever their position, need to know everything there is to know about both rice and technology. If we have a new request, we use trial and error, and repeated testing to find a solution. It's as if every one of our employees carries out research and development.